We are supporting you remotely! Barnard Library staff are providing remote services while the Library is physically closed this fall: see our guide to current Barnard Library services.


Our Design Center, Post-Production Lab, and Zine Library give you the tools to take your ideas from concept to reality. Here's just a tiny sampling of what you can do:

  • Print a 3D model with an Ultimaker
  • Prototype an app design with Sketch software
  • Program a Raspberry Pi sensor and build a robot
  • Design, sew, mend and embroider your own clothes
  • Publish a zine and contribute to feminist, critical creation


Anyone in the community can push boundaries and create original content with support from the Movement Lab, Media Center and IMATS. Here's just a couple of ways to participate:

  • Record and produce your own podcast
  • Take a workshop in motion sensor technology
  • Borrow a camera to shoot a documentary
  • Create animated videos with Adobe AfterEffects
  • Meditate during Stillness Lab events 

We offer tools and support for the entire data analysis process, from data collection to visual presentations. Here's just a few of the things the Empirical Reasoning Center, Computational Science Center, and Digital Humanities Center can help you with:

  • Writing clear and constructive survey questions
  • Automating the process of cleaning data with Python
  • Learning how to test for statistical significance in Excel 
  • Making interactive maps with GIS software
  • Using web applications to compare texts and translations