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Administrative Positions

Dean of the Barnard Library and Academic Information Services

Barnard College, the independent liberal arts college for women affiliated with Columbia University, seeks a Dean of the Barnard Library and Academic Information Services (“BLAIS”) during this historic moment of institutional innovation, expansion, and renewal.

Reporting directly to the Provost and serving as a member of President’s Council, the new Dean will oversee the relocation of the Barnard Library from Lehman Hall (1959) to a new, 128,000 square foot, Skidmore, Owings and Merrill-designed Teaching and Learning Center slated to open in August 2018. This building promises to be the new signature for Barnard’s four-acre, Morningside Heights campus and a dynamic hub promoting innovation by students and faculty across departments and disciplines. It will house the Library’s core book collections, special collections, and archives. In addition, the new space will include: a digital commons with five cutting-edge teaching labs (Movement Lab, Empirical Reasoning Center, Digital Humanities Lab, Creativity Lab, and Multimedia Lab); a Computational Science Center; departmental offices for Economics, History, Political Science, and Urban Studies; the Barnard Center for Research on Women; and the Athena Center for Leadership Studies; plus conference facilities and a café. The Dean will also support the launch of Barnard’s new curriculum, Foundations,which will debut with students entering in 2016.

The Dean will lead BLAIS through these exciting physical and curricular transitions,growing Barnard’s reputation as a model liberal arts library at the forefront of innovation in the acquisition, dissemination, and preservation of knowledge. The Dean will develop, articulate, and communicate a vision for BLAIS’s future that will support the College’s mission and service to the broader Columbia University and New York City communities; work with the Provost in developing a staffing plan for the Library’s new academic program, and to assist fundraising in order to bring significant resources to support both existing, planned and new programs; provide inspired leadership to a highly professional, collaborative, committed and service-focused staff; support and enhance resources for research, teaching, and learning by faculty and students; collaborate with all of BLAIS’s partners and contributors and to serve as an advocate for the Barnard Library in all settings. The relationship with the Columbia University Libraries is integral to BLAIS, as it continues to serve as a point of intersection between the two institutions; and guide the continuing evolution and implementation of new technology and services.

For information on applying, please see the posting on the Barnard Careers site. The full specification for the position is available here.


Support Staff Positions

There are no positions being advertised at this time.


Undergraduate Student Jobs

Barnard Archives and Special Collections Student Assistants  - all positions currently filled

The Barnard Archives and Special Collections hires undergraduates, typically in late summer/early fall, to work 8-10 hours/week processing archival collections, working with researchers (answering researcher questions, making scans, etc.), doing outreach (social media, blog posts, exhibits, doing digitization for the Digital Collections, etc.), and other tasks as decided by the students, in conjunction with Archives staff. We also hire undergraduates in the spring to work full-time or part-time in the summer. Please contact for more information on current postings. 

Circulation Student Jobs - all positions currently filled

Students working at circulation assist with tasks involved in the circulation of library materials using an online circulation system: includes checking out, renewing and checking in library materials, doing searches, placing holds and recalls; filing, answer questions from users in person and over the telephone; sort and shelve books and assist with shifting stack areas and weeding. Please contact for current postings. 

Instructional Media & Technology Services (IMATS) Student Jobs

See the IMATS Job Opportunities Page for more information. 

Library Communications Student Jobs - position currently filled

Communications Assistants promote the library's resources and services with visual, textual and electronic materials. Please contact Jenna Freedman ( for more information on current postings.

Zines Student Jobs- positions currently filled

Zine Student Assistants write zine abstracts, process zines for the stacks and the archives, and performother projects as they arise. Please contact Jenna Freedman ( for more information on current postings. 


Graduate Student/Post-Bac Fellowships and Assistantships

Barnard Archives Graduate Fellows

The Barnard Archives and Special Collections offers two fellowships working under the supervision of the Associate Director of Archives and Special Collections and the Digital Archivist. Full information on the 2016-17 fellowships is forthcoming; for more information contact

Barnard Library Communications Graduate Fellow - position currently filled

Barnard Library and Academic Information Services (BLAIS) seeks a graduate student in library and information science or graphic design to help direct the library's outreach efforts. For more information on this posting, see the posting.

Instructional Media & Technology Services (IMATS) Graduate and Post-Bac Jobs

Sample positions:

IMATS and Barnard Teaches Graduate Instructional Technologist:
IMATS Graduate Application Developer:
Please contact for more information on open IMATS positions.