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Administrative Positions

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Support Staff Positions

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Undergraduate Student Jobs

Barnard Archives and Special Collections Student Assistants  - all positions currently filled

The Barnard Archives and Special Collections hires undergraduates, typically in late summer/early fall, to work 8-10 hours/week processing archival collections, working with researchers (answering researcher questions, making scans, etc.), doing outreach (social media, blog posts, exhibits, doing digitization for the Digital Collections, etc.), and other tasks as decided by the students, in conjunction with Archives staff. We also hire undergraduates in the spring to work full-time or part-time in the summer. Please contact for more information on current postings. 

Circulation Student Jobs - all positions currently filled

Students working at circulation assist with tasks involved in the circulation of library materials using an online circulation system: includes checking out, renewing and checking in library materials, doing searches, placing holds and recalls; filing, answer questions from users in person and over the telephone; sort and shelve books and assist with shifting stack areas and weeding. Please contact for current postings. 

Instructional Media & Technology Services (IMATS) Student Jobs

See the IMATS Job Opportunities Page for more information. 

Library Communications Student Job - position currently filled

Communications Assistants promote the library's resources and services with visual, textual and electronic materials. Please contact Jenna Freedman ( for more information on current postings.

Zines Student Jobs - all positions currently filled

Zine Student Assistants write zine abstracts, process zines for the stacks and the archives, and perform other projects as they arise. Please contact Jenna Freedman ( for more information on current postings. 


Graduate Student/Post-Bac Fellowships and Assistantships

Barnard Archives Graduate Fellows - all positions currently filled

The Barnard Archives and Special Collections offers two fellowships working under the supervision of the Associate Director of Archives and Special Collections and the Digital Archivist. More information on this position is available here. Applications must be received by September 8, 2017.

Barnard Library Communications Graduate and Post-Bac Jobs  - position currently filled

Barnard Library and Academic Information Services (BLAIS) seeks a graduate student in library and information science or graphic design to help direct the library's outreach efforts for the 2017-2018 school year. More information on this position is available here.

Instructional Media & Technology Services (IMATS)


Associate Director of Audiovisual Technology Services :

Reporting to the Dean of Barnard Library & Academic Information Services, the Associate Director of AV Services is responsible for the oversight and delivery of audiovisual technology services of the College. In addition to maintaining and keeping inventory of existing systems, the Associate Director leads in the design and project management of audiovisual installations and implementations for new and renovated classrooms and event spaces. Through the scheduling and supervision of the AV Tech staff, the Associate Director provides audiovisual support for all major events as well as daily classroom support.

Please contact for more information on open IMATS positions.