Print, Scan, and Connect to the Internet

Printing in the Library

  • Printing is available in the library through the Columbia networked printing system, Pawprint.
  • Barnard faculty and students are allotted 100 sheets per week. As you print, pages will be deducted automatically from your weekly quota; additional pages may be purchased for 10 cents per sheet. 
  • The library's printer is set to duplex (prints on both sides). 
  • To learn more about your print quota or to check your balance, go to the PawPrint guide


  • Document scanners (but not photocopiers) are available in the library. There is no charge for scanning. Brief directions are available at each scanning station.
  • If you need additional assistance, please ask at the Circulation/Reserves desk.

Computers in the Library

  • Internet-accessible computers are available throughout the library. No login is required; simply click on the "Student" icon for access. 
  • The Instruction Lab, LeFrak 113, has 20 PCs and can be used whenever the room is not being used for library instruction or staff training. A calendar that shows when the lab is in use is available here.
  • All of the computers, including those in the ERC and the instruction lab, as well as in the study areas, are equipped with Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, which includes Photoshop, and media, quantitative and mapping software.  For a complete list please visit the BCIT Student Computing Services page.
  • The Empirical Reasoning Center in LeFrak 102 offers both PCs and Macs, and is staffed to provide assistance with data-related projects and assignments.  


  • BCIT (Barnard College Information Technology) provides two wireless networks on campus: Barnard Secure for members of the Barnard community, and Barnard Guest for visitors, including Columbia students and faculty.
  • To access the Barnard Secure network, configuration is required. Setup instructions vary according to the operating system on your computer, and are available on the BCIT Internet page.
  • If you have any questions or experience trouble connecting to the wireless network, please visit the Student Computing Center in Room 307 of the Diana.