Loan Periods & Fine Forgiveness

Loan Periods

Loan Periods for Books

  • Barnard Library, like most libraries in the Columbia University Libraries system, has a one-semester loan period for all Barnard and Columbia University students, faculty, and staff. 
  • Columbia Law Library and the JTS Library have a four-week loan period.
  • The Columbia Health Sciences Library has a three-week loan period.

Loan Periods for Books on Reserve 

  • Course Reserve books generally circulate for two hours. 
  • Monday through Thursday, books can be checked out overnight, beginning at 4pm. They are due back by 9am the next morning.  Starting Friday at 12 noon, books can be checked out for the weekend and are due back Monday morning at 10am. 
  • If there are multiple copies, the last copy of a reserve book can be checked out overnight on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday after 10pm, and it is due back by 9am the next day.  Friday though Sunday it can be checked out overnight after 4pm, and is due back by 10am the next day.

Loan Periods for Media (DVDs & VHS tapes) 

  • Media circulates to Barnard and Columbia faculty for a seven day loan period.  Students and Staff can check out video materials for a three day loan period. Alums and Visitors may view a video in the library for three hours (extended for longer material).  
  • Our CD collection is temporarily unavailable during review.
  • Due to high demand, no renewals, recalls, or holds can be placed on media materials.
  • Class screenings are available to faculty by advance arrangement.  To show a film from our collection in class, a faculty member should send an email to at least 3 days ahead of time so we can make sure that it is available. The faculty member or a designee can pick up the title(s) up to 3 days before the scheduled viewing time. 

Extended Leave

  • Students who will be away for an extended leave, for study abroad, internships, and summer break, are asked to return all library materials before departure.


Visit the Columbia Library website for information on fines on all Columbia Library materials.

Please ask about Barnard Library material fine forgiveness from the Library Specialists for Circulation & Access at the Circulation & Help Desk or at Fines do automatically accrue, and we do not have the capability to clear fines automatically. We cannot refund already paid fines, and we cannot forgive fines on materials owned by other Columbia Libraries or any other library.