First Year Writing: Critical Conversations

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Legacy of the Mediterranean

Legacy of the Mediterranean: Bibliography of Sources for Further Research

The Americas

  • Jennifer Rosenthal

Women and Culture

  • Elizabeth Auran
  • Rachel Abramowitz
  • Meredith Benjamin (1:10-2:25)
  • Meredith Benjamin (2:40-3:55)
  • Vrinda Condillac
  • Georgette Fleischer (2:40-3:55)
  • Georgette Fleischer (4:10-5:25)
  • Cecelia Lie
  • Catherine Steindler

Women and Culture: Bibliography of Sources for Further Research


  • Vrinda Condillac


Lois Coleman; 5th Floor Quad

Jennie Correia; 8th Floor Quad

Jenna Freedman; 6th Floor Quad

Vani Natarajan; 3rd Floor Quad

Charlotte Price; 2nd/7th Floors Quad & Commuters

Meredith Wisner; 4th floor Quad


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