Organize your Research

Organizing your Research with Folders

  • Zotero can be used to organize your citations into folders (which Zotero calls "collections") based on any system you wish. Collections are tiered and can have as many levels as you need.




   An example of a tiered organization system





  • Each item can appear in multiple collections.
  • You can see all of your citations in the collection "My Library."
  • Any items you haven't placed in a collection (other than My Library) will appear in the collection "Unfiled Items."

Searching Through your Cittations

  • You can do a keyword search in Zotero to search through your stored items. This searches through all the bibliographic information as well as any tags or notes you have added.
  • If you turn on indexing of PDFs, you can also search in the full-text of your stored articles.  To enable this full-text search, install the PDF indexer.  Go to Preferences by clicking on the gear in the Zotero menu, select "Preferences...", click on the "Search" tab along the top, and install the PDF indexer.





   Preferences is accessed by clicking the gear icon




Using Tags to Organize your Research

  • You can add tags to your references in order to categorize and search them more easily. When a book is downloaded from a library catalog, its subject headings are saved as tags. If a downloaded article has descriptors or keywords, these are also saved as tags.
  • You can view all the tags in your downloaded items by opening the tags pane at the bottom of the left-hand column.
  • Click on the tags "Action" button to show tags that were downloaded automatically as well as the tags you added yourself.


Use the multicolored "Actions" icon to view all the tags in your library


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