Course Screenings

Reserving a library video

If you plan to use a library copy of a video, please submit a Course Screening form at least 3 days in advance so the video can be set aside for your screening.

Picking up the library video

We ask that faculty pick up library videos themselves or have a TA or designated student pick up and return the video.  When this is not possible, indicate on the form that you are requesting delivery and return of the video by the library. In all cases, the video will be checked out to the instructor.

Assistance showing the video

You may want to contact IMATS in advance to arrange an orientation to your classroom’s AV setup or to test video playback, especially for old copies or unusual formats. If you require an AV operator for the screening, please indicate that on the form.Important: if you require an AV operator and the screening falls outside of classroom AV support hours (Mon-Thu 8:30a-8p, Fri 8:30-5p) please submit the Course Screening form at least 2 weeks in advance; in such cases, we cannot guarantee that an operator can be scheduled; you will be notified in a timely manner.

Reserving a room for your screening

If your course screening is not during your scheduled class time, you need to reserve a room; faculty are asked to contact the Registrar ( If there will be 25 or fewer attendees, we ask that you reserve 301 or 201 Lehman for the screening.

Questions? Contact the Library at or x4-3846 with any questions about course screenings.