barnard barbie is reading 'Hey There, Barbie Girl'

Director Greta Gerwig’s (‘06) 2023 Release Barbie has everybody talking and reminiscing on their own stories with the doll. As the Barnard Barbie travels around campus, she has been kind enough to stop by the Zine Library this week! By highlighting zines about her in the circulating and special collections – if you want to be Boolean about it < zines AND barbie* > (and limiting the search to zines held at Barnard). As of August 4th, 2023 this search yields 51 results.

Some of the top subject headings to describe these zines are:

They come in many genres, including:

The featured zine cover is from Hey There, Barbie Girl.

We hope you stop by to read these titles and see Barbie Herself!