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zine cover: pink with title and a big X in red
zine cover: blue with drawing of a person with cat eye glasses, a cardigan, and a book over text background
zine cover: black all caps, handwritten text on white

Gift of Bitch Media

Apron Love by Kaitlin Young, 2011ish?

Do Stuff: Leethal Zine #1 by Lee Meredith, 2008z

Econo Textual Objects #4: Pink Trumpet and the Purple Prose by Nikki Darling, photos by Whitney Hubbs, 2014

Fear, Safety, & Femmes by Red Velvet, 2017

Girl Talk Zine #11: The Travel Issue by Kerry Cardoza, 201x?

Library Bonnet #7 by Julie and Tommy, 2004?

Mini CROQ by Heather Mann, 2007

New Zealand Zine Review #1 by Kylie Buck and Tessa Stubing, 2013

Teflon Sisters #1 by Kook Teflon and Grace Teflon, 2011