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photo of zine: open to handwritten pages listing book titles the author will never write
Photo of zine: front and back cover are a screenprinted bus window in blue on beige

Acquired from the Creator

5 Ways to Keep Busy When You Can't Leave the House by Kelly Wooten, March 17 2020

Incurable: My Life With Chronic Illness by Carrie Wade, 2020

A Mad Tarot by Lea Cooper, 2021

No Name #27 by Connie Boje, 2021

Parenting Through the Apocalypse: The Inaugural Issue of Ravenswood Birth Stories edited by Rana Hutchinson Salzmann, 2020

Take It Back by Lilith Cooper, 2021

That Girl #17 by Kelli Callis, 2021

Unsubscribe: Mind and Body by Anya Murphy and Sarah Beck, 2021

zine cover: light blue all caps outline title with the same color box around it on a yellow background with herbs
photo of zine cover: 1970s/80s Barbie-looking clip art person in the center of a collage
photo of a zine cover: little thumb on the bottom left holding the zine, which is pink with the title in white outline letters
zine cover: black and white drawing of four people wearing surgical masks

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Martial arts.