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cover of Girl~Boy zine: drawing of a person with bangs and ponytails in a box
daring of pants and shoes, red star
zine cover: drawing of an herb in green and pink
zine cover: lavender, drawing of plaid pants

Gift of Sheila Dignazio

DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary #1 by Erika Moen, 2007

Girl/Boy Boy/Girl #2 by Shyla Ann and Robnoxious, 2005

Il Pleut des Gouines (It's Raining Dykes) #6, 8, 9 by Lolagouine, 2007-2008
No. 8 download on QZAP

Manushi for Mind Expansion by nocivilized@yahoo.com, ?

Paper Stars to Soothe Your Soul by Erika Moen, 2003

Reclaiming Our Ancient Wisdom: Herbal Abortion Procedure and Practice for Midwives and Herbalists by Catherine Marie Yeunet, 2007?

She's So Very... #11 by Melissa Ann, 2008

Writing Love Letters to Your Pants by Erika Moen
download on QZAP

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