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COVID-19 Zines

COVID19 Pandemie: Der Kurze Zeitraum, in dem wir erleben, wie die Arbeitswelt aussehen könnte, wenn Introvertierte das sagen hätten by Mirela Kellner, 2020

zine cover: title in in black, stick figure introvert at the bottom

Death by Lia Taylor, 2020

Face Masks and Glasses: A How to Guide by Lia Taylor, 2020

Frequenzine #22 by Freq & Cee, 2020

Metamodern Comicks #1 by Moses Cirulis, 2020

zine cover: Metamodern Comicks #1. Drawing of person with a mullet.

Notes from an Essential Worker vol 1 & 2 by Mandy Zeller, 2020

zine cover: title on a drawing of anti-bacterial wipes
zine cover: title on a drawing of a raggedy edge of toilet paper on a roll

Quaranteconomics: A Log of Economic Events Relevant Because of COVID by Isabelle Hazar, 2020

Queer Sailors #5.5: The Rime of the Thirsty Mariner by Kel Karpinski, 2020

photo of zine on wooden table

Realia: Quaranzine by Allison Hadfield, April 2020

Stuck in Isolation with You by Jill C., 2020

zine cover: Stuck in Isolation with You. Text and leaves(?).

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Grim Reaper (Symbolic character).



Starbucks Coffee Company.