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Acquired from the Creator(s)

que(e)ry: journal of queer and feminist theory by IRWGS, December 2018

Safa Zine 2019: Cosmic Love edited by Mahzabin Hasnath and Priya Pai

You Don't Get There from Here #49 by Carrie McNinch

Acquired via Ellen Gruber Garvey

Animal Es Amigo: Libro Para Colorear por Maria Magaña, 2018?

Arboles Citadinos por Niña Diablo, 201x?

Come and Get It Big Boy: Colorearme #1 por Puchita, 2018

Feminasty Comic #1 por Artichokart, 2018

Comic called "Maquillarse No Es Arreglarse"
black: color collaged magazine face, ransom letter style title
zine cover: self-portrait of the cartoonist running in the hills

Gift of Charlotte Price

How to Cit Your Sources with APA by NCCC Library, 201x?

Oxford Public Library, 201x?

Gift of Sheila Dignazio

The Rag #2 by RAG, Autumn 2007

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Public libraries
South Asian students