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photo of this week's ten zines on a bright blue background

COVID 19 Zines

Chasing the Night #7: COVID Times by Erin Yanke, April 2020

A Love Supreme: Meditating While Black by DiasporanSavantPress, 2020

photo of A Love Supreme: Meditating While Black zine

Muted: The Art School College Kid Experience by Zofia Chrzanowska, Spring 2020

photo of Muted zine

Quarantine Weekly--Newsletter #9, Newsletter #10 by Anya Schiffrin, 2020

Quaranzine #1: 29 Days on Lockdown, #2: Ventilators Breathing EZ, #3: Being Alone with Friends by Katie Gradowski, April 2020

Quaranzine by Skate Like a Bitch, 2020

cover of Skate Like a Bitch zine against a Manchester, UK background

Shit's Fucked, Still: Another Positivity Guide by Gina Sarti, April 2020

zine cover: Shit's Fucked, Still. light green, lightning striking a tree

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings


Polish people--United States.

Respirators (Medical equipment).

Self-help techniques.

Videoconferencing--Social aspects.