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WorkSuze Myers BC '16 was interviewed in the spring 2020 issue of Barnard Magazine. Suze worked in the zine library while an undergrad and returned to us after completing a graduate program at the London College of Communication in the UK. She designed the Milstein Center's first exhibit, Open Doors and then worked for a year in the Design Center. 

"I’m very proud of my thesis from design school, Women’s Lib. It was a feminist toolkit full of interventions that one could take into a library to protest and make visible the dearth of women in the art and design canon. I screen printed library cards, bookmarks, shelf talkers, and posters, and designed (and dyed, and sewed!) a backpack to hold everything. It was specifically inspired by my time as a worker in the Barnard Library — after I left, I wished every library could be as radical, warm, and inclusive as the community there."

Work Suze Myers