We are giddy with the excitement of hiring our first Zine Tech, Claudia Maria Acosta!

photo of person in a white mask in front of a bookshelf holding hand in a peace sign and winking

Claudia has been involved in zine-making, alternative print communities and independent archives work as a zine librarian, library worker and zinester since they were a college freshman. She founded the zine librarian’s committee within the Travis Fristoe Zine Library at the Civic Media Center — an alternative library and socialist community space in Gainesville, FL. They’ve since co-organized zine fairs and facilitated workshops across Florida, including with the Miami-Dade Public Library Special Collections department as a special collections assistant. As an incoming MLIS student at Queens College and Spectrum Scholar, they’re excited to contribute to union-building for students and library workers, abolitionist efforts in libraries, and the inclusion of radical zines and commix in the archives!