People & Values

Meet the Team

Barnard library is a place for research, curiosity, innovation and so much more. Our expert staff is here to guide you through it.

Building Community

We aim to create an environment that allows for the respectful use of shared resources, while adhering to our values inclusion, anti-oppression, privacy and support. Our Community Guidelines provide a shared understanding of what students, faculty, visitors and staff can expect from each other.

Commitment to Values

Our mission is rooted in our values: We believe diversity, openness, privacy, engagement, and critical thinking are key to advancing women's education and scholarship.

Textbook Affordability

We believe all students deserve to be able to access course texts. The high costs of textbooks and other course materials prohibit access and perpetuate inequity, and Barnard librarians and library staff are partnering with students, faculty, and staff to increase access.