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Staff News

Congratulations and well wishes to the class of 2021! We're so proud of all the graduating students, and especially want to acknowledge our BLAIS student workers:

Millie wearing glasses and a graduation cap
  • Agie Neneh Sissoho, Circulation & Access
  • Aliyah Simon-Felix, Circulation & Access
  • Asha Meagher, ERC
  • Claudia Amadeo-Luyt, Personal Librarians
  • Cobie-Ray Johnson, Design Center
  • Denise Mantey, ERC
  • Elizabeth Burton, DHC
  • Hawa Tunkara, Circulation & Access
  • Idris O'Neill, IMATS
  • Jane Rooks, IMATS
  • Kimi Wenzel, IMATS
  • Lara Fernandez Musso, ERC
  • Lucille Dickerman, ERC
  • Maat Bates, Archives
  • Neeti Kapadia, ERC
  • Sultana Mohammed, ERC
  • Tamryn Hodge, IMATS
  • Tirzah Anderson, Archives

Check out our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to learn more about some of the student workers BLAIS said goodbye to in April. BLAIS also sends a heartfelt thank you to any 2021 graduates who worked in the library during any of their four years at Barnard. We'll miss you all!

Additionally, we'd like to recognize our entire amazing team of student workers! They have done an extraordinary job in helping us bring our services to the Barnard community under new circumstances.

Course Reserves

Barnard Faculty, please visit our Guide to Setting Up Course Reserves to request that the Library provide student access to e-resource versions of required films and texts for your upcoming and current Barnard courses. There will be no print Course Reserves during the summer semester. We lease/purchase and link e-resources where available.

Students, if your materials are not on course reserve, you may also request scans of sections of print items or, if you are close to campus, you can request print items for pickup. For how to do this, here’s the Barnard Library guide for students on Finding & Borrowing Course Materials.

Digital Humanities Center (DHC)

TDSI participants engaged in conversation on Zoom

The DHC in partnership with IMATS, the CEP, and the Barnard Library will be hosting Thinking Digitally Summer Institute on May 13th, 14th and 17th. In this annual institute, faculty investigate the theories, ethics, and praxis of digital pedagogy to develop courses that engage critically with technology.

We are excited to announce the release of the Healing Histories Project and COVID-19 Timeline. Created by BCRW Fellow Cara Page, Anjali Taneja, and Susan Raffo, the project tracks how histories of white supremacy, racism & xenophobia, misogyny, ableism, economic injustice and conditional access to care shape the US response to COVID-19. The DHC collaborated with the project team to customize the design and functionality of the COVID-19 Timeline, built with TimelineJS.

banner reading "Healing Histories Project: Remembering Histories, Transforming Futures"


Dog wearing glasses and sleeping with face down in a book. Text reads: "Trying to grade papers.

Zine Librarians Jenna Freedman & Ziba Zehdar (LAPL) present Overthrow the 10-Page Paperarchy on Wednesday, May 19th 1:30-2:30pm ET. In the workshop "students can explore and show facets of themselves that highlight skills beyond those recognized and valued by an academy built by the ruling class to train its own to self-replicate."