cel from Bunnista comic: taller rabbit with glasses holding a mop says to smaller rabbit with one eye Xed out "Bunnista, you're a slob! You've shed fur all over my sofa! There are spent shell casings in the sink." Bunnista responds, "Trivialities! I'm waging war against the system!" Second cel, first rabbit says "I'm trying to be supportive during you subprime-mortgage-prompted homelessness, but you haven't even _started_ looking for a job." Third panel: Bunnista replies "Who has the time?" Bigger bunny...

As of January 23, 2023 a search on (rabbit* OR bunn*) AND zines yields 61 results (when you limit to Barnard as the location and zines as the genre). The first result in a relevance sort is Quotations from Bunnista : the little fur book by political cartoonist Stephanie McMillan.

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