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Library News

Our COVID-19 zine collection was profiled in an NPR podcast and in librarianship's premier trade journal, Library Journal. 

Welcome to the June 2020 issue of @barnlib. BLAIS full-time staff are working from as far north as Vermont and as far south as Georgia. From our homes to yours...enjoy!

Jill served as our Visiting STEM Librarian this academic year; her last day at BLAIS was May 29, 2020. 

Ruby Mastrodimos '18, the Sloate Media Center Post-Baccalaureate fellow, directed and edited a music video for Long Neck's new album "World's Strongest Dog."

We're adding zines to our COVID-19 collection about the greater implications of festivals like Coachella being canceled, quarantine life, fantasizing about life after quarantine, the massive scope of the coronavirus, how to upcycle food waste, annoying neighbors, giving up shaving body hair because of social isolation, a small moment of connection with a stranger, and despite being in a privileged position, being overwhelmed with feelings.

Suze Myer BC '16 was interviewed in the spring 2020 issue of Barnard Magazine.

Congratulations Mick Powell and the Survived and Punished Collective. Each year, the Barnard Library recognizes two scholars with a $2,500 award to subsidize research in the Barnard Archives, Barnard Zine Library, and this year for the first time, the Media Center [link each unit]. This year's winners are Mick Powell and the Survived and Punished Collective.

We added zines about quarantine rituals, the view from the kitchen window, missing and not missing the outside world, boredom, and mindfulness practices.

We added COVID-19 zines about staying home, anxiety shopping, shopping anxiety, political rage, sharing snack bounty, food fantasies, boredom, Easter memories, and how childhood poverty and trauma affect a person in time of crisis.

We asked @barnlib student staff to share how and what they're doing since we went online in March and invited them to upload a photo of themselves or one that represents this time period for them.

Take part in the critical journaling series from the CEP and if you would like, you can share your journal entries with the CEP.

We're adding zines about anti-Asian racism and the model minority myth, parenting kids and being away from your aging parents during quarantine, social closeness, missing people and things while maxing out on mass media, missing one's bagelry, taking responsibility for complicity, migrant farmworkers' conditions during the coronavirus, a mother's sexy self, and having hope for the future.